When you are posting as yourself, it’s easy to come up with content.  But coming up with content for your business that your potential customers will see? For most small businesses, that is a completely different kind of content. While casual can be good for some companies, but most of you probably still want to be seen as professional. You don’t want to post about sales and sales only. Or constantly run contests; even that gets boring after a while and you can see engagement start to drop. Here is a list of 10 different content ideas you can post about in a way that is still related to your business. Not too casual, but not too corporate; a perfect blend of non-boring that you can use.

Download it, print it, pin it, or just get inspired right here right now.


Solve a problem. Do you know of any minor problem your customers struggle with? Share advice on how to deal with it. For example, a gym could post a tip on how to drink more water daily, or a bakery might give advice on how to keep your bread from going stale too fast. For this industry, if you have a lot of patients who need help with anxiety, consider posting tips on reducing anxiety with breathing exercises. If you have a lot of patients who like to cook with your products, leave a pro tip about how to blend CBD oils with other oils when preparing a dish.

Say hello. Simple yet effective - start the morning off with a hello to your audience! Take a quick photo of your coffee mug, or your open sign, and just let your audience know you are up and at it.

Celebrate silly holidays. The website HolidayInsights.com has a sortable list of the random and not so random holidays throughout the year. Did you know March 25, 2017 is waffle day? I am totally celebrating that. And I will probably post about it too.

Be thankful. You don’t have to wait for your 100th customer, or a record sales day just to say thank you. Send a shout out to a regular, or thank your 32nd sale for jumping on the bandwagon, or just say thanks for listening to your followers. Most people love to be appreciated just for being them.

Show off your business cards.  Yup, you read that right. Those boxes of old cards you have finally can be put to good use! If you have a new card to brag about, or an old one that shows off your myspace page url, take a picture and post about it! Even if you like your card but want an update, you can ask your followers what they think. If there is anything I know to be true about the internet, it’s that people love sharing their opinion… on everything.

A Day in the Life. Take a photo of your office, your view, or the new shipment of display cases that just came in. Give your followers a behind the scenes look at where you do what you do everyday. If you are a delivery service, take a moment to pull over on a delivery route and take a snapshot of a sunset. Be sure to tag your location when you post it.

Pop Culture Posting. This one is a big one for jumping on hashtag band wagons and making your business relevant to pop culture events. Now everyone has a different business model, but this is your chance to get creative.

Offer fast facts. I am a numbers nerd, I love stats. Some of your followers might too! Assuming you know a thing or two about your products or industry, take a minute to share a cool fact with your fans. I do interesting marketing stats, like the fact that Facebook has 1 billion users [literally 1/7 of the friggin planet!!] No matter what you do, there is an interesting fact in there somewhere!

Show off your team. From birthdays to random facts, post a photo of one of your employees in action with some cool info about who they are or what they do. With their permission of course!

Help out your neighbor. Social media is about being social. Give a shout out to another local business near you, or even someone in your industry that you admire. Visit the same coffee shop on your way to the office everyday? Snag a photo of it and send out a thank you! Be sure to tag them if they are on social too.

Felling inspired?

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