You already know that starting a business is a great way to have zero time and a packed schedule. But fear not! Even the busiest entrepreneur in any industry can still keep an active amount of unique information on social media, with the power of batching. 


The name might be self explanatory, but the concept behind batching your content is to carve a bit of time out of your schedule to do a batch of content at once. It is a great technique for saving time, but also for keeping the same tone of voice in your content. We recommend doing batching for a minimum of one month at a time, and a maximum of three to avoid overwhelm.


First thing is first, outline the dates and times of specific events you know will happen. Holidays, special opening hours or shipping delays; list out any specific updates that your customers will need to know with the dated they will need to know them.


Between these dates, we recommend a minimum of one post a week on every platform you use, and the more the better. Create a lists of the total the number of spaces you will need to fill with your content. On the last page of this workbook is our Content Calendar, designed to help you easily tally up your posting needs.


Once you have a list of the total number you will need, its time to make a list of all the elements you will need, like images, headlines, descriptions, and the links you will post along with these updates. Hint: links are essential for new pins on Pinterest!


You know where you are posting, and the specific elements you will need to post, so next you need to brainstorm what these posts will be! In each of the previous platform specific modules we tried to give you a few ideas for content. In the Content Calendar Printable (included on the last page of this PDF guide) there is a section for brainstorming all these ideas. If you have already been using social media for your business for a while, be sure to check out your stats sheets during this process! Study the posts your audience is responding to so you can create more content they are likely to engage with.


This is the most time consuming part of the process, and that is actually writing all your content. Depending upon the length of your blog post, we have seen batching days take anywhere from one hour to a full work day to create edit and save all of the information.  For your first batching day, we recommend you book out at least 2 hours of your time to devote to some uninterrupted content creation.

One of the best parts about batching is that it is scheduled ahead of time so you don't have too tight of a deadline to work with. We really recommend making the time to create your focus space for your batch day. Put on some music, preferably tunes with no lyrics. Pour yourself a big cup of coffee, or tea if that is more your style. Grab a notebook and pen, or your laptop if you brainstorm better digitally. Find a space in your home, office, or even a nearby coffee house, but some place where you can be comfortable and minimally interrupted. If you have kids, wait until nap time or they are down for the night so you can stay in your zone. One of my favorite tricks is to light a good scented candle when I work. That smell is almost pavlovian for me and helps me stay in my creative zone. We would love to be inspired by your focus space, and inspire you with ours! Follow the tag #myfocusspace on Instagram to see what others are doing to get more zen on their batching days.


By the time you reach step six, you have the content and the schedule to setup some time saving automation. While Facebook allows you to schedule a post, we recommend checking out a few other tools to help you schedule your content to be posted at specific times according to your content calendar. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these products, we just think they rock and you should give them a shot.

Hootsuite Hootsuite is a program that auto posts your content to most major social media platforms, and provides analytics to go with it. Perfect for a hands on entrepreneur who wants to study the stats and schedule on their own terms.

MeetEdgar Edgar is very similar to Hootsuite in terms of functionality, but takes content management a step further by helping you recycle high performing content back into your content plan. They focus on creating a content library and using analytics to auto post for you.

Planoly This is an instagram scheduling system that we love! They allow you to upload images, videos, and gifs, and adjust your entire feed with an easy drag-and-drop interface so you can have a theme that looks the way you want it to. We also really like their analytics feature for when it’s time to dive into your numbers.


You know the six steps, now it’s time to get started! Download the Content Calendar below to start batching your social plan.


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