Creating a Social Business is an online learning program for budding business owners who want to legally and effectively promote their cannabis brands on social media.

Being an active brand on social media might sound like a nightmare you want to hand off to an intern, but in this day and age it is essential for reaching your audience. This program is for business owners in the cannabis industry who wants to know how to use social media to grow their business to its fullest potential.

Who is this program for?

Do you keep getting kicked off Facebook and Instagram posting content about your products? Are you are too afraid to even start using social for your cannabis brand because you don’t know the rules? Don’t have the budget to hire someone to manage social, but too busy to do it yourself? This program will help you:

  • Leverage your unique business strengths to stand out in an already crowded market

  • Focus and better prioritize your time so you can get more done in your limited schedule

  • Convert happy customers into raving fans who can’t stop referring

  • Maximize your impact online while staying legal no matter where you are in the world

  • Create marketing messaging that is helpful and not pushy or sleazy sounding

What makes this program different?

01 | We Are Talking About CANNABIS

Mastering social media is essential for any business these days; you need to be where your customers are. But you got into this industry to help people heal, and there are so many rules and regulations around cannabis products that you need industry specific information. This course is the only one that covers those details so your business stays legal online.

02 | learn on your SCHEDULE

This course is 100% online, and I don’t hold anything back. You can power through it all in a 3 day weekend, or spend 3 months reviewing it with your team. You can download every individual lesson in this course and take it with you. High quality video content and all the PDF workbooks that go with it, this program can be accessed 24/7 for no additional fees.


The internet is always changing, and so is this program! I release new and updated content for this program every 6 months, and a refresher class, exclusively for graduates, so you can stay on top of the ever changing world of online marketing. Every student gets lifetime access to the entire program as long as it exists, so you can stay in the game even if the rules change.

In such small business’s, where the staff are often wearing multiple hats (with limited time), this course was a helpful foundation on how to implement social media business engagement. Highly Recommended.
— Katie B // Graduate from the 2018 session

What’s Included?

This program is made up of videos and PDF’s to help explain these ideas and help you apply them to your own business.



Before we really dive into strategies on using these social media platforms, we need to review some business basics from a social point of view. I will help you translate your brand story to a social one, and explain what your social customer profile is and how you can use it on every social channel.



Consistency is crucial when you are using social media to reach your customers. In my 10+ years of teaching small businesses how to market online, I have proven tactics to share with you so you can create consistent content for your page, even when your business is crazy busy.

Social Turned Search Engine


Social media isn’t just about finding out what happened to that one kid from high school. People use it to connect with each other, with brands, and to discover new things they didn’t know existed. We will cover the difference between sharable and searchable content, and where your brand needs to be seen.

Keeping It legal


We cover the legal side of cannabis marketing, reviewing in detail what you should and shouldn’t post to avoid being kicked off a major social media platform.

tracking your success


To know what kind of content to create, you need to know what kind of content people like! Learn what numbers you need to pay attention to on every platform, where to find them, and how to use those numbers to do even better next time.

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