Let me make one thing clear about Pinterest - it had a lot of features usually associated with social media, like profiles and follows, but as a business you need to treat it as a search engine.

Now what exactly do I mean by that…?

In the old days back in march of 2010, Pinterest was founded as an invite only social media platform.  It had a lot of features usually associated with social media, likes, profiles, and you could and still can follow other users to see what they collect. But very quickly, after they got rid of the invite only and opened it to the world, Pinterest users started utilizing the search features a lot more than they explored other users profiles. Pinterest took note of the behavior and started putting more and more work into properly tagging pins and updating their algorithms to be more intuitive - aka, show you what you are look for rather than an exact match of the words you type in the search bar.

Because of this shift, using Pinterest as a business has become quite the long game. Unlike instagram and facebook that rely on refreshed feeds, your pins can last for quite a long time when you post the right stuff with the right tags, and get it pinned by the right people.


One thing that is super important to know as a business on Pinterest is that it is your job to curate content, so don’t be a hoarder! Most people on Pinterest are hoarders - i’ll admit it, I am one. I even have a secret board called “so much I can’t even” which is a collection of so much random stuff I don’t even want to try to clean it up. Your job as a business is to be a curator. Create clean and uncrowded boards for your ideal customer. Their concerns, their needs, what they are focused on. Think about what they would search for when they are using that platform and turn your own boards into a safe haven away from whatever mess they don’t want to sort through. We have some strategies on curating boards specifically for the medical cannabis industry in our ecourse, Creating A Social Business, so I wont give all my secrets away here! Visit CreatingASocialBusiness.com to learn more.

how does pinning actually help my business?

Although Pinterest is primarily used for searches, the people who are searching might not be looking for a product or a service - they could be looking for your expertise, to learn about your own experiences, or they could be searching for some kind of solidarity that you as a brand can relate to them at this point in their life. Effective marketing means you show up where your clients need you, sometimes that means showing up before they even know they are looking for what you offer. We see successful businesses using platforms like Pinterest to create connections with their customers, not serving up sales pitches 24/7 like its a virtual trade show. We here at the Budding Creative believe that sharing more of your content with the right audience is the key to building a brand customers bond with, not some fast track to profits that only help your checkbook. And that is Pinterest perfect marketing right there.


Rebecca Harpain is an entrepreneur with 11 years of experience in the marketing industry. She got her start with advertising back in 2007, and has been helping business grow with data analysis, website development, and social media outreach plans that break the mold of traditional advertising. Follow her on instagram @loudlittlelady

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